A vineyard represents fruitfulness and abundance, cultivated by a sound support structure such as a wall or trellis. At Vineyard Homes we aim to supports and empower young adults by providing them with sound support structures that help to cultivate and foster growth and responsibility in their daily living. We do this by setting up a tenancy agreement on behalf of the young adults who are ready to move into further education or employment. They are then supported to live independently, with regular visits to the property to carry out health and safety checks. As part of this transition we want young people to be at the heart of the home, achieve positive outcomes and take responsibility for the management of their accommodation and their society.


The designated Key Worker will engage daily with young people to build and maintain strong relationships and endeavour to support the young people to reach their full potential and always looking at ways to overcome barriers. Staff will find mutual ground with young people helping them to focus on longer term plans rather than engaging in behaviour and activities that will lead to exclusion from society. This will give Vineyard Homes and the young person a common goal as well as help to encourage the young person to engage, achieve and evidence the skills they have to be able to live independently in the future.

To achieve our targets and outcomes we recognise that it is crucial to forge a strong partnership with the local authorities, social services and other agencies to ensue every young people’s placement plan of independent.

As an organisation we will provide the young person with a dedicated key worker who will be their main point of contact. They will support the young persons in developing independent skills. Our Key workers have vast years of experience working with young adults and are all CRB checked.